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The most powerful and effective way to 

experience Pilates, whether you're a complete 

beginner or have had many years of practice.


One-to-one classes are tailored to your 

specific needs, with fully adaptable 

programmes, using specialised equipment

and personal instruction to help you gain strength, mobility and fluidity of movement.

The pace of the class will vary, depending

upon the focus.

A close pupil-teacher relationship can be a profound force for change, and works both

mind and body for swift and long-lasting



Experience the benefits for yourself with our four-week intro to equipment course. Over four private classes, you will work with equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac and Wundachair, following a set of exercises chosen for you, and based on an analysis of your posture and gait.

Pricing & Packages

Single class 

Set of five classes

Set of ten classes

Intro to equipment Pilates, 4-class course 

chf 140


chf 600


chf 1100

chf 320

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