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Studio groups classes on equipment offer dynamic and affordable personalised Pilates classes and feature a personalised programme which evolves  alongside you.

These are classes of up to three people, where each person works on their set of exercises, across different equipment and always under close supervision.

These exercises are designed to strengthen the body and improve mobility. Prior to joining a group you will be required to complete the Intro to Equipment course, which includes four one-to-one classes, where I will assess your proficiency levels, familiarise you with the equipment and where we develop your programme.

With close guidance, this approach equips you with the know-how to lead your own routine and the framework to support your progress.


Intro course 


Single class


Set of five classes

Set of ten classes

chf 320

chf 45

chf 220

chf 400


Tuesday 9.00-10.00

Thursday 9.00-10.00

Friday 12.30-13.30

We are developing new classes all the time. Please ask if there is a time you are interested in. We'll do our best to accommodate you.

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