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Welcome to Pilates Connection! We offer a mixture of classical and contemporary Pilates and you can

choose between mat, equipment and online classes, either as private one-to-one classes or small groups. 

Each offers a balanced workout with teaching that is personal, specific and engaging, which will leave 

you feeling lengthened, strengthened and more grounded. 

 With private and group studio classes, more in-depth work can be undertaken and progress will be faster,

thanks to closer teacher support and the use of bespoke Pilates equipment. These classes are perfect

for those who have specific fitness goals, are seeking a whole body workout, need  post-injury rehabilitation and want to increase confidence in their movement.


A great way to try out the equipment classes is through our Intro to equipment course which includes four private classes, a posture and gait analysis and a personal programme that addresses your own goals in combination with any identified muscle or body imbalances.

Mat and online classes are kept small, friendly and personal, offering a rounded, fun and functional

workout for the body. The rhythm of classes may vary, but the focus is always to strengthen you inside

and out, improving your alignment, core and posture. To join our online classes all you will need is a mat,

a small towel, a computer and Zoom!​ 

All classes provide a high degree of personal tuition to ensure you get the most from your learning

experience, whatever your level of ability. 

You will need loose or stretchy clothing and can work in bare feet, or we also recommend 

Pilates/yoga socks with  'grippy' soles.

Classes are available in English, French or German.

Unless stated otherwise, all classes are 60 minutes in duration.

Private Classes
Studio Group Classes
Mat Classes
Online Mat Classes

A studio trial class is available at chf 45 for 45 minutes

Approved by many health schemes

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