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"Change happens through movement, and movement heals" - Joseph Pilates
Getting more from your body

Pilates trains your whole body, layer by layer, starting with the centre (also known as the 'core'), building strength, bringing balance and connecting body and mind. Through a framework of varied and progressive exercises, you will learn good, functional movement - with control - making you stronger, longer and more injury-resistant. 


With regular practice you will see your posture improve, find a greater range of movement and more flexibility and that's just the beginning of the profound changes you will experience with continued work.

Equipment to support and challenge

The equipment I have in the studio was initially developed by Joseph Pilates, and uses a system of resistance springs which will challenge, stretch and strengthen you, ensuring you get the most out of every class. 

Each piece of equipment has a specific focus: for example, the Reformer gives you a full-body workout, the Cadillac helps you understand how to move with more care and attention and the Wunda Chair builds up your physical strength. The Ladder Barrel uses the resistance of your own bodyweight to work both core and extremities.

The resistance of the springs is adjustable, creating a bespoke exercise especially tailored to your needs. (Surprisingly the lighter springs can often be more difficult to control!) With practice, the equipment will become 

your partner in the workout, pulling, pushing and encouraging you to find a deeper strength, building both bones and muscles and enabling you to experience exercises which you may have imagined were beyond your ability.

How will Pilates benefit you?

By applying the principles of  Pilates, including alignment, breath and centring, you will notice benefits such as better posture, reduced back pain, stronger bones and muscles, improved balance and increased fitness. All of this can be achieved through flowing, low-impact work which puts little stress on the joints.

The system adapts to support your goals and needs, whether it's body conditioning, general fitness, pre/post pregnancy or rehabilitation work. Regular Pilates practice will shape you, make you more aware of your

body's potential and more confident in its abilities.

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