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"If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for a moment" - Georgia O'Keefe
Who I Am

Growing up outside Lausanne, I moved to London in my twenties and built a career in Human Resources. As time passed, I found that office life and desk work resulted in back pain and postural issues, eventually requiring an operation on my spine to remedy a prolapsed disc.

To prevent a recurrence, I began studying Pilates and loved the effect on my body and mind. It addressed my postural issues, strengthened my body from the inside out and gave me the physical confidence to feel I could get more out of life. This convinced me to commit to training as a teacher.

How I Work

My goal is for you to leave each session feeling that you have enjoyed working to the best of your body's ability on that day. This means that I will observe you, and provide feedback and cues to help you find the best movement that you can. As you make progress, I will adapt my plans for you, depending upon what I observe, so that I can support you in achieving your long-term aims, getting you stronger and fitter along the way.

My Experience and Training

I undertook a three-year training at Pilates in Motion in London with Anoushka Boone, founding member of the 

Pilates Foundation. The course was grounded in the study 

of anatomy and body mechanics, as well as being very practical and 'hands-on'. It taught me how each body and person is different, and the value of focusing on the individual.

Having enjoyed teaching Pilates in London for a number of 

years, and working with physios and in well-established 

studios, I recently returned to Switzerland and settled in Basel, in the wonderful practice community of St. Alban-Vorstadt.

I am fully qualified as both a matwork and equipment teacher and continually seek to develop my own knowledge by attending courses on movement practices and biomechanics. 

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